La Galleria delle Arti

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La Galleria delle Arti is a cultural association established in 2019 with the intention of supporting, promoting and popularizing all forms of art in the broadest sense of the term. The Gallery is primarily an exhibition space, in fact over the years it has offered to the public and hosted unique exhibitions. Among the many, the entire collection of woodcuts depicting "The Divine Comedy" made by Salvador Dali, the exhibition on "Los desastres de la guerra" by Francisco Goya or the series of watercolors "Tracé sur l'eau" by Joan Mirò, the exhibition " The many faces of Picasso" , graphic series of lithographs signed by Picasso.
Flanking the exhibitions of big names of the 20th century were events curated by very young people in which music, video and graphic and painting works merged into
short performances by emerging contemporary artists. It is an unconventional cultural space; in addition to organizing, producing, and staging exhibitions, it also hosts events, concerts, screenings, and book presentations.