Leporello Photobooks

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Leporello is a bookstore dedicated to photographic publishing, as a base and connection point with books on graphic design, architecture, illustration, non-fiction, literature, opened in Pigneto in February 2017 by the initiative of Chiara Capodici, a curator and bookdesigner active in the field of photography since 2005. It is an exhibition space and a design venue dedicated to books and images, which aims to promote and disseminate a multidisciplinary and transversal approach to visual culture. It is a place that offers opportunities for meeting and shared activities.
The promotion of photobook culture, especially independent publishing, an international network of publishers and photographers, and an analysis of contemporaneity through publishing production are expressed through a series of periodic activities mostly within the bookstore: book presentations; exhibitions; workshops focused on collective work; and ad hoc works such as publications and posters.
In particular, Through the book(s) is a series of exhibitions realized in collaboration with galleries and cultural realities not necessarily related to the world of photography, whose intent is on the one hand to deepen a project by reconstructing its roots, inspirations, potential contaminations and points of dialogue, in the presentation of a sort of ideal library, and on the other hand to revive an ever-renewed network of operators that facilitates and promotes the circulation of knowledge.

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