Galleria Il Leone

Our project was born on the ashes of the old gallery, thanks to a great passion we have given a second life to the Il Leone Gallery with a renovation of the rooms in total white.

Innovation is the art of discovery. In life, one must always have the courage to experience new things.

Our spirit is based on a change of course by consistently placing the theme of the exhibition on a new level.

Our goal is to create an experiential and social point of contact between artists and art lovers where they can freely discover, appreciate and comment on their works; the thrill that runs when one approaches something new makes knowledge fascinating.

How do you recognize a talent in art, especially today when the very concept of art is never the same for everyone?

This is our Mission.

The "creativity" is personal

24-29 Oct 2022
La mostra vedrà coinvolti 10 artisti internazionali accuratamente selezionati.
Free admission
Vernissage Monday 24 Oct 2022 | 17:30-20:00
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Galleria Il Leone
Via Aleardo Aleardi, 12 - Roma
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