Basile Contemporary

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Basile Contemporary, Contemporary Art Gallery, was born in Rome in 2021 thaks to Rosa Basile, who has been active in the art field for 15 years. Today she is the heart of a place that can be considered " the scene where art and culture can be explained with accuracy and lightness" like Italo Calvino said.


" I want to create a dialogue between artists and collectors in order to instill the pathos you can find in every artwork", says Rosa Basile. The gallery is in the heart of the capital city, in Parione Street, near to Piazza Navona, Chiostro del Bramante, and San Luigi dei Francesi church. This aspect underlines the vision and the mission of Basile Contemporary, based on the meeting between history and contemporaneity. " The gallery will work with living and contemporary artists on the national and international scene", says Rosa Basile, " Moreover there will be times when collectors could discover a dialogue between contemporary and historicized artists. The aim is to demonstrate that, even if art movements broke with previous periods, the very essence of art is to represent the flow of time and the change of styles. There is always a bond betwen present and past and this is what Basile Contemporary wants to emphasize"