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COSARTE is an exhibition space open to all artistic and cultural events in the sparkling Garbatella neighborhood. It is founded by the artist Simona Gloriani, who in 2017 decided to devote herself entirely to an artistic project by creating a multifunctional space, in order to focus on her passion for art, culture and teaching. She chooses Garbatella as her location.

In Garbatella, the popular soul of characteristic residential buildings grouped together around a common garden, the so called “lotti”, meets the spirit of the streets full of small restaurants and bars, the student life of Roma Tre University, and the new creative face created by murals. In this peculiar context, rich in proposals and opportunities, the idea of connecting art with the neighborhood fits perfectly.

The goal is to bring citizens closer to contemporary art through an active and identity-based involvement. For this purpose, a neighborhood like Garbatella forms the ideal context, also by taking advantage of the growing tourist interest in the area.

COSARTE is inspired by this connection, and therefore stands as a Creative Space open to confrontation, to the meeting between artists and enthusiasts, to artistic education and dissemination.


The gallery actively collaborates with the City Hall and since its opening has been offering periodic group and solo exhibitions, art meetings, and cultural events.


Latest exhibitions under the patronage of Rome VIII City Hall:

'Ar-Totem' - Artist's Collective - Itinerant art exhibition.

‘Dalle tenebre alla luce’ ('From Darkness to Light') - collective exhibition of contemporary art on the occasion of the Dantesque Centenary

'Universo Pasolini' - collective exhibition of contemporary art included in the Capitoline project, Pasolini's Rome - Urban Network

'Blue Zone' - contemporary art exhibition.

‘La Forza del Segno’ ('The Strength of the Sign')- Exhibition of graphic works

‘La magia dell’acqua’ (‘The Magic of Water') - Exhibition of Watercolors

Couleur Tactile - Solo exhibition of Yajaira M. Pirela


Mostra Blue Zone
Mostra Universo Pasolini
Mostra Universo Paolini e le poesie del gruppo La Poetanza
Blue Zone
Couleur Tactile

Events at Rome Art Week

26-29 Oct 2022
Forgotten cities of the past of the present of the future ...
Free admission
Vernissage Wednesday 26 Oct 2022 | 18:00-21:00
Cosarte Spazio Creativo
Via Nicolò da Pistoia 18 - Roma

Art Night

16 Dec 2022 | 20:30-22:30
MINI STORIES - Collective exhibition and Cover Beatles event
Collective exhibition of small format works and Cover Beatles event
Free admission
Art Night
Cosarte Spazio Creativo
Via Nicolò da Pistoia 18 - Roma

Art Night

21 Apr 2023 | 19:00-22:30
'Visible Sound' Art Exposition and Poetry
Exposition 'Visible Sound' a window into music and Poetry
Free admission
Art Night
Cosarte Spazio Creativo
Via Nicolò da Pistoia 18 - Roma