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SIC.12 artstudio APS (Via Francesco Negri 65) is an exhibition and research space for music and theatre.
Home to a collection of Art Brut and contemporary art put together by the artists Gustavo Giacosa and Fausto Ferraiuolo, it was founded in Rome in 2020 with the aim of enhancing the richness of this particular collection with exhibitions, themed meetings and artist residencies. Gustavo Giacosa and Fausto Ferraiuolo, who have been interested in the relationship between art and otherness for years, set up the collection in close relation to their theoretical research and artistic work.
The strongly inclusive nature of this collection is already reflected in its title, Puentes (bridges). It brings together almost a thousand works by artists of different origins and ambitions: those who choose to become artists by forming themselves as such in the ''cultural norm'' and those who, refractory to pre-existing models, create only for themselves, becoming artists unconsciously or involuntarily, the artists of the so-called Art Brut.
Like a great choral composition, Giacosa and Ferraiuolo have structured their collection around three thematic nuclei: the game of mirrors and the splitting of the ego; the relationship between drawing and writing; the body as a treasure chest of memory.
The exhibition "A Due. L'Art Brut nella collezione Giacosa-Ferraiuolo' held from 21 September 2021 to 20 March 2022 kicked off the SIC12 Art Studio, the first exhibition space in Italy dedicated to the research and dissemination of Art Brut and possible dialogues with contemporary art.
From 30 April to 20 November 2022, SIC12 Art Studio Rome presents 'Words on the Way'. The exhibition aims to highlight the relationship between the graphic sign and the wandering dimension of walking and at the same time investigate other forms of writing, realised in solitude, but on intimate formats such as the pages of a notebook or sheets of paper. These latter works or documents are at the origin of the notion of 'brut writings' created by Swiss art historian Michel Thévoz in 1978. Such productions are characterised by the chaotic coexistence of words and images that respond to an internal and mysterious order, or by a hybrid form that transmutes a written form into an image.

He attended the Faculty of Arts at the Universidad Nacional del Litoral in Santa Fe (Argentina) and after an initial approach to theatre with director Rafael Bruza in 1991, he moved to Italy. Until 2011 he was part of the Pippo Delbono company, participating as an actor in all its theatre and film productions.
In 2005, he founded the Cultural Association ContemporArt in Genoa and started a personal research on the relationship between art and otherness. Since then, he has curated numerous exhibitions on this theme, such as "Banditi dell'Arte" at the Halle Saint Pierre in Paris "Éric Derkenne", "Corps" and "Anonymes" at the Collection de l'Art Brut in Lausanne "Historias de Violencia" at the Oliva Arts Factory in Sao Jōao de Madeira in Portugal.
In 2012, together with pianist and composer Fausto Ferraiuolo, he created his own theatre company in Aix-en-Provence: SIC.12 ( As director and performer, he realised the shows: "Dans un futur avril, Pasolini", "Ponts Suspendus", "La Maison", "Nannetti, il colonnello astrale", "Terra Levis", "En Chemin", "Rosso Pasolini", "Giovanni!...aspettando la bomba", "La Grâce" . In 2020, Giacosa and Ferraiuolo created the SIC.12 Art Studio in Rome, an exhibition space and home to their collection of Art Brut and contemporary art.

Pianist and composer graduated with honours from the Conservatory of Alessandria and the International Masters of Jazz in Siena. In New York and Rome he explored the traditional language of Jazz with Barry Harris.
In 1989 he created the "Fausto Ferraiuolo Trio" (piano, double bass and drums) with which he recorded the albums: "The secret of the moon", "Guajon", "Blue and green", "Changing walking", "Artam/Mantra", "Ponts Suspendus" and "Il Dono".
From 1998 to 2010, he was a composer and on-stage performer in numerous shows of the Pippo Delbono company.
From 2006 to 2021, he taught jazz piano at the Conservatory of Genoa, Campobasso and in France at the Conservatories of Annecy and Chambery.
He is currently full professor of jazz piano and composition at the L'Aquila Conservatory.


Gustavo Giacosa con l'artista Melina Riccio
Gustavo Giacosa che indica le foto della mostra