Associazione Culturale L'Espressione

CULTURAL ASSOCIATION EXPRESSION MOTIVATION Expression is a project that was created for the development of expressive activities: 
arts and crafts, music, visual arts and theater.
The activities it proposes are intended for children and adults by reason of the development of a global artistic communication that passes through languages ​​
aimed at everyone and for everyone.
Participation in municipal, municipal and MIC public tenders has allowed the A.C. to gain experience and expertise
in offering the activities covered by the Association.
ACTIVITIES - Theater and Voice Workshops - Pottery and Drawing Workshop - Photography Workshop - Creative Writing Workshop - Exhibitions and book presentations
HISTORY OF THE ASSOCIATION. Until the opening of the new headquarters, the Cultural Association engaged in art therapy activities (painting, ceramics, music, theater)
at some comprehensive institutes and cultural centers in Rome. He worked at the "Permanent Art Laboratory" in Formello, with ceramic workshops for children.
He participated in the first "Multi-ethnic intercultural festival" in Pigneto with an exhibition of photographs of the neighborhood at the comprehensive institute
"Alberto Manzi" in the V Municipality. He held pottery courses inside the Rebibbia prison. He participated in the summer event "Fantastic Summer" with the patronage
of Roma Capitale-Estate Romana with an exhibition of photographs and drawings, and a performance of theatrical and musical improvisations on the theme of summer.
In 2018, the opening of the new registered office in the I Municipio of Rome, allowed the AC to expand the cultural offer to new activities and social segments,
improving the promotion of the same through the use of social networks and with targeted marketing.
The availability of space at the new headquarters has allowed the launch of theatrical reviews, cineforums, concert cycles, photography, painting and sculpture
exhibitions, book presentations that involved a large and varied adult audience.
The Association with its activities is a center of aggregation and social cohesion, aimed at giving expression and voice to people through the use of the arts.
With the opening of the headquarters, the A.C. has seen the number of its members grow considerably which, as of March 2020, reached over 500 people.
Currently, the headquarters in Via R. Grazioli Lante hosts the original photographic exhibition by the Chinese artist Juanni Wang - "Nature in a Room".
Over time, Expression has become a place not a place where art takes shape as matter. Since 2018 E? among the structures hosting the MIC "Music Festival".

25-31 Oct 2021
Blue Resilience
Exhibition of Juanni Wang
Free admission
No RAW Live
Associazione Culturale L'Espressione
Via Riccardo Grazioli Lante 40/42 - Roma
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