Blue Resilience

Exhibition of Juanni Wang

“Everything comes from light, the light within the dark. A room in the dark and a staircase from which you can go down or up ".

Juanni Wang

In this year Juanni Wang lived, like all of us, like prime numbers. Reflecting on human nature, he perceived that in fact, the more unique you are, the more alone you are. Living with that subtle restlessness between separation and the need to get closer, without ever really being able to meet, like prime numbers. Their condemnation is not being able to mix with other numbers. They do not miss much, a few figures and everything would change, but it is those small differences that create an irreparable rift between them and the rest of the world.

The artist sought the deep thirst for human sharing, necessary to feed his creativity, in color. BLUE, synonymous with the flow of energy that has sustained it all along. Each painting has its own BLUE point of view. Each variation of this color represents a stage in the journey that the artist has undertaken in a whole year in Italy, the meaning of which is closely connected to each of his moods.

BLUE. A primary color that represents sensitivity and spirituality despite being a cold color. But it is also the color of relationships, the color that designates tension-free relationships characterized by deep feelings.

It is in this regard that the artist wants to present to the public a particularly intimate and personal exhibition accompanied by those who shared this period with her with solid unity. By taking care of the ideational and organizational aspects in an empathic way, that indomitable courage necessary for resilience is multiplied ... BLUE

An important emotional and emotional sharing that we hope will also involve those who will participate.

curated by Sabrina Destefano and Angelo Tuti

Opening Saturday 23 October 2021 / 6.00 pm

It is possible to visit the exhibition by making an appointment by phone at the numbers: 3488710915 - 3933027245 - Green Pass required


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