Art Gallery Roma

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Art Gallery Roma presents the latest original oil paintings collection from Italian artists Elena Sagresti and Siria. In one of the most beautiful streets of Rome, precisely in Via dei Coronari 7 near Piazza Navona, come enjoy these oil paintings collections till the end of October 2019. Art Gallery Roma provides a collection of original oil paintings from local Artist.

The mixed-media technique and Impressionist style is contrasted by the newest Pop Art artist Siria, with research work on portraits and the technique of bright and very dynamic colors, the oil painting white knife technique given by the artist gives a very feminine reflection on portraits.

While you may know that Elena Sagresti is the founder and artistic director of Art Gallery Roma,  you may not know that artist and designer Elena Sagresti is actually a 360-degree artist.

She started her career as a product developer for silver jewelry at the beginning of the 90s, continued as a bag designer for Guess and accessories for Astucci LTD in NY. She was a comedian by night, she did stand up in English and became a finalist of “Women of Laughter” in NYC in 2012. After graduating with an honors degree at the Hong Kong IAFT (International Academy Film Television) in 2014, she also a filmmaker.  Her thesis film “the Ventilator” was selected in 3 festivals in 2015, you can even check out the trailer on YouTube.

Bruno Vespa Italian Giornalist portrait by Siria
AB N7 di Elena sagresti
Ele Celo by Elena Sagresti
Mare e ORO by Alice
Guardami By Siria
Roma by Katia Kalova
citta' blue by Elena Sagresti
La barca by Fabio Greci