The Afnakafna gallery in Rome since 2018, is a space where the "thought", a place for intellectual excellence and intellectual growth, finds a consistent and authentic dimension. The art is placed at the center of collateral activities, such as the presentation of books, the organization of artistic techniques workshops and drawing and painting lessons. A place for artists and art lovers, Afnakafna offers a small cafeteria space that makes the visit even more enjoyable. For the coming season, the program will offer exhibitions of Italian artists as well as group exhibitions of important international names.

7 September / 9 October - "Moonglow - Stories of other Worlds"Personal exhibition by Daniele Raineri curated by Ixie Darkonn

11/26 October - "The ideas of others"collective15 artists realize the creative idea of the other curated by Antonella Caraceni

30 October / 13 November - "The Damned Good & Divine Evil" bipersonal Beniamino Leone and Vavje curated by Ixie Darkonn

15 November / 6 December - "Almost Tales" group show. Internationally renowned illustrators and cartoonists on the theme of the tale. Curated by Ixie Darkonn and Luca Raffaelli

29 November "Black friday (art) !!!" group show. One day a year of extraordinary discounts. To offer everyone the opportunity to buy art. Curated by Antonella Caraceni

13 December/ 4 January - "Merry Little Christmas" Christmas Group show - Small works perfect to be given under the Christmas Tree. Curated by Antonella Caraceni

7/18 January - "Blank Cover" - Group show on unique and hand made book covers. Curated by Antonella Caraceni

7/14 February - "Hearts" Group show to celebrate Valentine's Day. Curated by Antonella Caraceni

16 February / 14 March - "30keiTH group show with 30 artists for the 30 years since the death of Keith Haring curated by Omino71 and Antonella Caraceni

19/31 March - "Tea time" Artistic ceramic for tea time. Curated by Antonella Caraceni

3/19 April"Real (m)"The realm of reality of controversial emotions - collective of surreal hyperrealists artists. Curated by Ixie Darkonn

22 April / 6 May - Personal exhibition by Stefano Bolcato curated by Antonella Caraceni

8/27 May - "Freeze frame" group show inspired by the cinema curated by Ixie Darkonn


21-26 Oct 2019
The Ideas of Others
Group exhibition where artists carry out the creative idea of another
Free admission
Vernissage Monday 21 Oct 2019 | 18:00
No RAW Live
via della Fontana 19 - Roma
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