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The Afnakafna gallery, at its fifth year of life, is a space where thought, the place par excellence of ingenuity and intellectual growth, finds its coherent and authentic dimension. Art has been placed at the center of collateral activities, such as the presentation of books, the organization of workshops of artistic techniques and lessons in drawing and painting. Meeting place for artists and art lovers, Afnakafna was characterized by a delightful cafeteria that made the visit even more pleasant. In spring 2023 a new formula will see the transformation of the space into a charming holiday home that will continue to host group exhibitions of mainly Italian artists curated by Antonella Caraceni. In order not to miss any event, it is recommended to subscribe to the newsletter on the website but you can also follow the news through social media.  

Stefano Bolcato
omino71, acrylic on canvas
Antonella Caraceni
Yasmine Elgamal, oil on panel
Riccardo Beson
Daria Palotti, oil on canvas
Antonella Cinelli, oil on canvas