Kou Gallery

Kou Gallery is an interdisciplinary space that aims to be a place of confrontation and sharing of new ideas, creating an environment of integration and contamination to promote contemporary art in Rome.

Kou Gallery aims to be an important meeting point for artists, a significant place where they can broaden their horizons, leading to a significant change in the Roman and international art scene, a way through which Rome can reaffirm its role in the world of Italian art.

The space, divided into two rooms, has the structural neutrality needed to bring out any type of artwork, making it suitable for hosting paintings, video art, sculpture and performance art. Kou Gallery It is a place where art accepts the challenge of overcoming what until now has been the line that distinguishes the contemporary.


Kou Gallery is managed and supported by Associazione Kou which has as its goal the promotion and dissemination of culture and art on a national and international level.

17 Oct-16 Nov 2019
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