Atelier Montez

"we ri-generate space to share and we inhabit it, producing a progressive and measured benefit in environment, welfare, economics and culture" (Gio montez)

The group "Montez" began in 2012 the ri-generation of a dismissed industrial archeology in Pietralata disctrict, the historical Rome's perifery, by restaurating an old obsolete industrial structure. That is how Atelier Montez was born, the farctory for audiovisual and performative contemporary arts.  
Atelier Montez distinguishes itself for its innovative method of participated-action, proposing a proper poetic, a "fruition algorithm" to share with people and to apply on the not-jet-re-generated space.
We resume a production scheme below:

1. Rigeneration of the identified space: Agibility. First of all a space needs to be agible, well-constructed, secure and accesible.
It must not create itself a danger or a impediment for the inhabitants.

2.Sharing the re-qualified space with the community: Abitation: We define "Abitation" a "circular action routinely repeated in time that accumulate value around a point of interest; this action develops itself into a unified method of fruition, interaction between people and space which becomes production capability.
This is the kay of the "partecipated method" we intend to develope. 

3.Measurement of generated benefit: Production. A well organised abitation generates and accumulate value. It manifests itself into fruitful potential, economic capital, services, products and cultural activities. In order to become Production, this value needs to be a shared benefit and a landmark for local community.

SUPERAZIONE ©Atelier Montez - Obsolete Industrial archeology in the historical Pietralata district in Rome.
RESTAURAZIONE © Atelier Montez - The re-qualified space becomes Atelier Montez
ABITAZIONE ©Atelier Montez, 2017
PRODUZIONE © Atelier Montez, 2017

22 Oct-27 Sep 2018 | 18:00
Gio Montez Open Studio
The artist Gio Montez opens his studio in Pietralata
Free admission
Atelier Montez
Via di Pietralata, 147/A - Roma
1 apponintments
08-29 Oct 2017 | 18:00
PIETRALARTE - the exhibition
roman summer production 2017 by Atelier Montez
Free admission
Atelier Montez
Via di Pietralata, 147/A - Roma
13 Oct 2017 | 19:00
Special "PIETRALARTE" - Periodico Italiano Magazine
Presentation of a Special edition of Periodico Italiano Magazine "PIETRALARTE"
Free admission
Atelier Montez
Via di Pietralata, 147/A - Roma
2 apponintments
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