Ospizio Giovani Artisti

Only for artists who exceed 35 years of age, the space organizes many group every year, with works that come exclusively from the collection of the Ospizio Giovani Artisti (Young Artists Hospice). These works are donated to the OGA by the artists themselves in order to create thematic exhibitions that are a continuous reflection on the role of contemporary and modern art involvement in today's society.

Kristien De Neve, When the game becomes hard, let's breathes; WERTHER GERMONDARI Virtual Escape, 1995
MYRIAM LAPLANTE , The myth of canine loyalty, 1994
PEDRO CANO, Untitled, 2016
FRANCESCO IMPELLIZZERI, Sweeping year little thought, 1994
CESARE PIETROIUSTI, Several Corruptions, 2015
ALI ASSAF, Self-portrait, 2016
EDITH URBAN, Someone else is sad because he is always someone else (Li-Young Lee), 2014

23 Oct 2018 | 18:00
In Memoriam - opening
The death and the memory of those who left us are the themes of the exhibition.
Free admission
Ospizio Giovani Artisti
Via Cernaia, 15 - Roma
1 apponintments
14 Oct 2017 | 18:00
Firm Objects, The Inanimate Collection - Finissage
Still life by seven artists from the Young Artists Hospice collection.
Admission only by invitation
Ospizio Giovani Artisti
Via Cernaia, 15 - Roma
1 apponintments
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