Galleria Erica Ravenna

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The gallery was founded in 1992 by Erica Fiorentini, in Rome, Via Margutta 48, opening with an exhibition entitled La misura italliana, a rewiew of small size works, ranging from Giacomo Balla to Gino De Dominicis. From the very beginning the gallery focused on a line of search that goes from the Informal abstraction, Arte Povera, Conceptual Art up to the italian and european Minimal art. In all these years the gallery’s activity has been totally coherent with its stylistic and researching line which is proven by the exhibitions organized.

Erica Ravenna a- Installation view Fare Uno dalla Parola al Segno un dialogo possibile - March - July 2023
Erica Ravenna Arte Contemporanea - Installation view - Tomaso Binga. Scrivo di proprio pugno, september-december 2022
Erica Ravenna Arte Contemporanea - Installation view - Archiviare l' impossibile, March - July 2022
Erica Ravenna - Installation view - L'uomo e l'arte- April – July  2021
 Erica Ravenna- Installation view- Simona Weller frammenti di un discorso sul metodo- October 2023 -January 2024