Mucciaccia Contemporary

Mucciaccia Contemporary is the new space entirely devoted to contemporary art by Giulia Abate and Giuliana Gamba. In the tradition which has seen the first opening of Galleria Mucciaccia in 2006 and the two gallery in Singapore and London. Mucciaccia Contemporary borns with the aim of supporting and promoting new national and international generation of artists, which works can increase a young and passionate collectors.

The gallery is divided in two floors and it's about 120sqm, an essential space suitable for all types of art form. The gallery's activity is in line with work carried out by Galleria Mucciaccia, where the values of cultural promotion and appreciation are the same coherent fil rouge. Mucciaccia Contemporary was founded on the desire to give voice to young and new artistic forms. Changing the cultural stategy approach, to focus more on the freshness that these talent will allow us to discover.

The aim of the gallery is to also to give voice to young curators, and attract the attention of a broad and cosmopolitan audience. The gallery's activity will range from curating exhibitions to the participation at national and interantional art fairs, in order to gain a wider approach to contemporary art, with the aim of becoming a reference point for anyone wishing to remain up-to date on contemporary art as well as on the more emerging.


Installation view Aftermodernism Jamse Busby Justin Samson
Mucciaccia Contemporary, installation view, Jérémy Demester, A Buon rendere
Mucciaccia Contemporary, installation view, Daniel Jouseff, Flags
Mucciaccia Contemporary, installation view, Shen Shaomin, This Side Up FRAGILE

25 Oct 2018
Shen Shaomin. This side up: FRAGILE curated by Giulia Abate
21 works of art of recent production in a gallery in phase of assembly
Free admission
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Mucciaccia Contemporary
Piazza Borghese 1/a - Roma
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12 Oct-05 Dec 2017 | 11:00
SKY Floor / EARTH Floor
Solo exhibition of Nicole Voltan curated by Gianluca Marziani
Free admission
Mucciaccia Contemporary
Piazza Borghese, 1/a - Roma
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