The exhibition presents the artworks of the 12 finalist of Malamegi Lab23

The exhibition presents the works of 12 finalist artists:

Ada Nori - Italy
Agata Hecman - Poland Annagreta Filippi - Italy
Beyza Salcı - Turkey
Blas Parra Díaz - Spain
Carlo Martini - Italy
Inga Ponomarenko - Lithuania Joanna Napiórkowska - Poland Katharina Grodzki - Norway Laura Muolo - Italy
Rebecca Lena - Italy
Valerija Mirčeski - Serbia

Central to the exhibition, through the 12 works on display, are presented the complex issues concerning the transformations of the human and space, the representation of bodies and their metamorphoses, also in the light of recent events such as war, relations and relationships with animals and nature, with politics and society.

Three, in particular the techniques used: oil on canvas, digital graphics and mixed media. The exhibition itinerary-where the presence of women is very marked-also includes a video performance on the relationship between individuals and public space, in search of intimate interactions with the environment. Each artist accompanies her work with a deep and intense conceptuality proving that current creations are anything but

than obvious and banal, overcoming a much-vaunted, yet inappropriate praise for the decay of art, which these 12 artists vigorously trample.

The curators of the exhibition are:
Massimo Toffolo (main curator of Malamegi Lab, Italy) Margherita Jedrzejewska (curator of Malamegi Lab, Italy/Poland)