Up Urban Prospective Factory is pleased to present Relics, a solo exhibition by Solo and Diamond curated by Marta Di Meglio and Mariangela Troiano. The opening will take place at the exhibition gallery in Via dei Salumi 53 in Trastevere, Saturday 21 October from 18.30.


Imagine finding several forgotten works of art during a move...

Thus, a year ago, the idea for Relics was born, an exhibition that collects and narrates the creative and artistic journey of Solo and Diamond, from their beginnings to the present day. A fascinating journey into the creative soul of the two artists, starting from their initial experiments and passing through the eclectic influences that have shaped their careers.

The exhibition ideally opens the doors of their shared studio, the space that jealously preserved their work for so many years, and unveils works that had remained hidden, representative of the evolutionary stages of their careers that developed between artistic experiments, changes of direction and time leaps. A selection of different works that tell, also through the choice of supports and frames, the passage of time, with an anticipatory look at future artistic choices.

With the eyes of the present, strong contrasts may appear with the work of the two artists today, in terms of style, choice of subjects and technique. The ensemble of such different works amazes and lends itself to transforming the exhibition space, also thanks to the special exhibition setting.


Between nostalgia and curiosity, Relics becomes an opportunity to get to know for the first time or to rediscover the roots of the two artists' story as they continue to reinvent themselves. An experience that will surprise the public, who should not miss the opportunity to purchase a unique piece immediately without waiting for the end of the exhibition.


Five years after their last exhibition together, Solo and Diamond have decided to join forces to create a completely new artistic experience to offer their audience.


From the day of the opening and for the entire period of the exhibition, a limited edition of t-shirts screen-printed by hand by Moro Grafica with a new design created by the artists for the Halloween celebration will be available at the gallery.

Saturday 28 October special Halloween event in cooperation with Moro Grafica and Respect Project with live screen printing themed to the evening.

Saturday 4 November Finissage with DJ set.