Journey of peoples, return to the Universe: in memory of Master Kattinis

Exhibition of selected works belonging to the Julianos Kattinis Foundation

Journey of peoples, back to the Universe

Journey of peoples, back to the Universe

A month after the Maestro's death, the Foundation presents the exhibition 'Journey of Peoples, Return to the Universe: in memory of Maestro Kattinis'. He was a tireless traveller, a profound connoisseur of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures, a curious intellectual and attentive to the kaleidoscope of peoples he immersed himself in and exalted in his works. Like life, so the death of a great artist is a bridge towards the Eternal, not a farewell journey but a return to the Universe, to that 'Wholeness' that involves everyone, every living person and every living thing. In a current made up of global crises, fierce armed clashes and dialogues broken by violence and pain, the masterpieces of Julianos Kattinis are living testimony of fraternal exchange between cultures, universal ideals, human sentiments that stand uncorrupted challenging the infinite in a continuum between mythological past and present aware of their own meaning. Nothing that concerns human nature escapes Kattinis's reflection, which is why religious themes dialogue with mythology (Greek, but also pre-Columbian, Roman and Etruscan, but also the esoteric suggestion of the Tarot); the erotic image has as its backdrop the multiple landscapes observed in his wanderings; man, woman and the mystery of creation represented with the aesthetic rigour of Byzantine icons yet sublimated in the dreamlike world of ancestral rites. Suggestions, images and passions from which no one can feel excluded or foreign.


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