Icaro Project . Workshop for children to learn to  fly

Guided tour and workshop for children

Francesco Patané, Michele Santini: Sky. Detail.

Francesco Patané, Michele Santini: Sky. Detail.

The story of Icarus is an intergenerational tale, the confrontation between fathers and sons, the claim of their children to fly free. If in the classical myth Icarus perishes out of disobedience and arrogance, in modern reading Icarus becomes the symbol of children who have the right to experiment: this is how Matisse also read it in one of his latest collage works, where Icarus arms are now his wings and the centre of his body backlit is the red dot of his heart. A moving vision for an artist now at the end of his career, unable to health, but always a child and always eager to fly.
The exhibition we are presenting this year for Rome Art Week was conceived by Francesco Patané and Michele Santini as an immersive exhibition distributed on two walkable levels, from the floor to the ceiling of the gallery. A walkable labyrinth, the representations of the ambivalent feelings that guide Icaro-Artista,
the Sun that attracts him, the sky as a free space.
The narrative of the myth enchants children, who always show a great willingness to contemporary art: thus, given the structure of the exhibition, the idea of creating a laboratory for children within it, a small playful experiment, was born. The workshop will be held by the curator herself, Penelope Filacchione, who had extensive experience teaching art for children since the beginning of her career. The artists get involved telling children about themselves and their work, to create a different opportunity of enjoyment dedicated to tomorrow's audience.
WORKSHOP’S INFO: children 5-11 years old, free participation, reservation required via WhatsApp 338- 9409180 or artsharing.roma@gmail.com

NB The Workshop will be in Italian language