Beyond Time, Space and Color curated by Mauro Silani

The Oxford Collective

The Oxford Collective

Beyond Time Space and Colour
Exhibition by the Oxford Collective curated by Mauro Silani

On the occasion of Roma Art Week, from Friday 23 to 31 October 2023, at the Q'4RT exhibition space at the Hotel Oxford in via Boncompagni 89, Rome, the Oxford Collective will open the exhibition entitled "Reset/NOW Beyond Time Lo Spazio e Il Colore" curated by Mauro Silani
With "Reset/NOW Oltre il Tempo Lo Spazio e Il Colore" the Collective, after having wandered around with the travelling exhibition Arcaico e Presente, has found a home, thanks to the foresight and love for art of Gloria and Massimo Quarta, owners of the hotel, who have believed in the project from the very beginning, in 2018, hosting the artists' meetings and the first exhibition of the Collective's works,
the Q'ART space at the Hotel Oxford, will be animated by meetings open to the public with cultural operators, gallery owners and art critics.
The aim is to give each artist the opportunity to highlight his or her own research and to transform the exhibition space into a true cultural salon in the heart of Rome that is a space for free exchange between artists and viewers.
"Reset Now - Beyond Time, Space and Colour" is much more than a simple exhibition of contemporary artworks; it is an invitation to re-evaluate our relationship with art itself. It is a call to recognise the artist's body as the true space of art, a living and evolving canvas on which stories, emotions and deep reflections are painted.
This is a quest that echoes our first manifesto, which you will find on our website for a 'New Human Feeling'.

Participating Artists: Anita Pilat, Carlo Solazzi, Luigi Ambrosetti, Luigi Cartella, Mauro Silani, Monica Garroni, Romano Pietrangeli, Sandro Cipolletti, Silvia Rinaldi, Tonino Calotta, Umberto Pozzi.
Sculptors and Engravers: Lucia Pascucci, Michele Flammia Paolo Paleotti, Remo Lenci.
Presentation of the Oxford Collective

The Oxford Collective was formed in January 2018, to unite an interest in artistic, scientific and philosophical dissemination, starting from common roots. And it was born from the meetings and symposia that took place at the Hotel Oxford in via Boncompagni 89 in Rome.
These meetings gave birth to a true artistic movement that is promoted through an itinerant exhibition, both national and international, entitled 'ARCAICO E PRESENTE' ('ARCAIC AND PRESENT'), which has been recognised by Maestro Gianpaolo Berto ( who was part of Lucio Fontana's Spatialism ) and its founder Mauro Silani, as 'IL NUOVO SPAZIALISMO ROMANO' ('THE NEW ROMAN SPACIALISM').
This name was subscribed to in a draft manifesto, by all the artists who are part of the 'Oxford Collective'.
"We consider art and sociality as prerequisites for the regeneration of the social and cultural fabric of cities," explains Mauro Silani, creator of the project and curator of the exhibition. "This travelling project means making an active contribution to the process of reconstructing social relations through art and research, for two reasons: First of all, our collective is a true workshop open to the contribution of local, national and international artists, and secondly, at each exhibition we ensure the participation of schools, institutions and cultural associations with the ultimate goal of opening branches throughout the country and even abroad" .
This includes painters, sculptors, men of letters, philosophers, writers, poets, academics, scientists, photographers, actors, video-artists, architects, graphic designers and master craftsmen as well as Fab Lab operators.
"The New Roman Spatialism
Multidisciplinarity and research are the main characteristics of this Collective, which starts from the analysis of Lucio Fontana's "Manifesto Blanco" of 1946, without any expressive prevarication with respect to the methods that each artist undertakes, in the forms of working that he considers appropriate, with all the means that science and technology make available today, but focusing on the expressive and unique perception of each artist as a Human Being and not as the maker of a product that becomes consumable and expendable in a determined and deterministic historical arc.
Art, as the sum of all the dichotomies that cancel each other out, not in sterile juxtapositions, but through the right osmotic tension, between artists, works and viewers, allows for the right harmony between message, content and container.

In the light of the new discoveries in physics, particularly the so-called 'God particle' (the Higgs boson), and gravitational waves, with which Barry Berish, Rainer Weiss and Kip Thorne, won the Nobel Prize in 2018, we must open our eyes and take on this truth accordingly, which will change man's perspective, the moment it is revealed to us by science, that time is not a measurement but a force, which at some points in space corresponds to gravity.

Man, stands at the door of an abyss of new knowledge, which media engage all areas of knowledge and where and from our point of view, art, must play a major role, both in the research phase, and in dissemination.

To this end, at each exhibition, we will open debates and workshops on the themes of science, art and consciousness.

The Collective sees itself as a true artistic movement and research laboratory.

Mauro Silani Founder and curator of the 'Oxford Collective'.