Mario Mei artworks | From the engraved sign to the etching shape



Exhibition of Mario Mei's artworks in the Betterpress spaces, in a simple and poetic display of his engraving creations.

A selection of works that reveal the artist's language, that of the sign and line engraved and printed on paper for an always possible and open dialogue on intuitions and memories impressed and in continuous movement.

The sign engraved, scratched and sublimated, between the irrational surface of reality and the consistency of reality on the print.

The skin of memories abrades places, freezes characters, discovers surfaces, in an indefinite landscape of cartographic furrows; archeology of the present where the immanent dialogues with the imminent in a journey of languages ​​and territories imprinted on paper.

Regularity of the line, an impediment to questioning any presumption of inference.