Fear - exhibition

A performance photography project investigating human frailty

There is a perverse game close to the fear, deliberately intended as a human limitation.

Transfiguration is the opposite of masquerade , by putting on a mask I simulate the other , but I am not the other.  I decide to become that other, in order to be who we are we must continually deny ourselves .

In this performative photography project, a close connection with contemporary social issues and the viewer, who is addressed to using an extremely physical and usable communicative code.

Fear outlines an irreverent investigation of the archetypes of human fragility connected with the superficiality of today's interpersonal relationships, a violence hidden behind a deceptive veil of respectability.

There are no rules or discipline in a world in which we are all designated and conscious victims of each other, and at the same time ready in turn to pounce on others, to offend , outrage for no reason, pawns in that perverse game in which there will be no triumphant , but only miserable losers