AAA Anima Gemella Cercasi

Technological installation where the search for love becomes a work of art.

25 ottobre 2023 - Ore 18:00

25 ottobre 2023 - Ore 18:00

AAA Anima Gemella Cercasi is an art installation with a strong visual and emotional impact, which for the first time turns the very process of searching for a soulmate into a true work of art, technological and engaging. In this work, the viewer is invited to surpass the immediacy and superficiality of the image, immersing themselves in an exploratory journey of love and human connection.

Interaction with the installation not only stimulates reflection on romantic love but also invites consideration of how connection and intimacy manifest in multiple forms and dimensions.

It is a work that promises to fascinate, provoke, and inspire, leaving an indelible imprint on every visitor and a new way of perceiving art and love.