A new project dedicated to drawing and words. Until October 28, 2023

As part of the RAW Rome Art Week, the week of contemporary art in Rome, Germana Galdi presents a project born from her long introspective journey, followed by a Master in Art Counseling which since 1966 - through the language of art - has helped to explore and recognize one's emotions, promoting self-awareness.

In the following years he experienced group work on Bert Hellinger's Family Constellations and Gestalt personal growth group work, drawing benefits and inspiration from them with various forms of expression, including illustrations. From here the "MyLightArt" was born, metaphorical images that she herself defined as "light/luminous art", which portray her with her head like a light bulb on and with a more conscious approach, capable of tackling more or less profound themes accompanied by her phrases associated with the drawing.

Ironic, self-deprecating, what matters is that they are effective, that they make you smile, think, reflect and act. He has produced over fifty, and new ones are already on the way (even on request) to personally motivate those who observe them.

The exhibition, curated by Paola Valori, will be inaugurated on Saturday 21 October and will remain open to visitors until 28 October 2023.
BIOGRAPHICAL NOTES - Daughter and granddaughter of artists, Germana Galdi trained in various fields: from the study of nude art, to painting, to clothing design, up to a Master's degree in Art Counseling which also resulted in a production of illustrations. Thanks to her ex-gymnast physique, she has also collaborated as a body painting model with the artist and Director of the International Biennial Bibart Miguel Gomez and as a model, photo art director, photo stylist for photographic production. Some musicians have drawn inspiration from his works: among them, the pianist of the V&A Museum in London Antimo Magnotta, the master composer of the Valencia Conservatory Emilio Calandin. He also collaborated with director Enrico Vanzina who used various works in some of his films. His works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions since 1996.