The homage and the hero

Photographs by Nelly Schneider, who will be present at the evening

the homage and the hero

the homage and the hero

the homage and the hero. the two meet, overlap, blend. the first is the homage, a piece of architecture left as a gift by those who lived before us, something that is still there, for us to enjoy and discover.

the second is the bystander, the one who is experiencing the homage and among all the other people around is in addition the hero of the many shots taken. the two enjoy their reciprocal company, the architecture and the human experience each other and their opposed nature, the permanency of the homage against the vulnerability of the hero.

the homage and the hero eventually get together, they flow into a dance, they melt in a multitude of shots overlapped on each other so to finally recap the entire work done on location. the images layered on each other emphasize the mutual intention of the homage and the hero to be together,

enjoy each other, honoring the gift received. the ultimate goal, ambitious, is to convey the two elements into a single dynamic piece, to give strength and purpose to movement and to recover the motion temporarily lost in the single shots.



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