ACQUATICO by Mario Schifano

ACQUATICO by Mario Schifano . Exhibition with unique work created in 1989

AQUATIC. By Mario Schifano. Unique work made by the Master in 1989 having 80x100 format.

During 2022 copious water infiltrations affected the Bat-Gallery. Finding the causes was not an easy task. After all, we are located on the Quirinal Hill between an ancient Roman terma located under the building adjoining the gallery and in front of the city of water, a continuous spring of the purest water discovered, after the renovation of the ancient Trevi cinema , along with a Roman villa of the second century AD. The gallery is in a very bad state. Recently all the sheetrock was removed, which did not allow to find the causes of such seepage. Therefore you will not find yourself as in the reconstructed and therefore fake factory of Tosatti's work exhibited at the Italian pavilion at the Venice Biennale but in a real space. Waiting for renovation everything is left exposed. The power of water while the dream instead will be represented by the very work by Schifano who wanted to represent a water lily. A contrast this that I hope will create emotions. This place will also be a destination of the der core path that from October 24 to 29 and on the occasion of RAW, every day will start right here ,under the guidance of Fabio Milani.

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