Fabio Milani

Mostra collettiva - 21 artisti riscattano il colore rosso per un mondo migliore

After the pandemic, these that we are experiencing , are times of war in our Europe. Destructions, sorrows, fears, tragedies, threats and whatever else negative envelops our existences. Hence the desire for peace that must be found relentlessly and at all costs. A reflection on these years and the redemption of the color red, which is not, as everyone eventually thinks, the color of blood and violence but also that of passion, joy, radiance, positivity and the desire for change. 21 artists join forces for this end. Will they succeed? You be the judge of that.

Artisti: Bruno Aller, Marco Angelini, Paolo Angelosante, Baldo Diodato, Gabriel Angelo Cacace, Tommaso Cascella, Caterina Ciuffetelli, Franco Ciuti, Alessandro Costa, Marisa Facchinetti, Leonardo Fiori, Tancredi Fornasetti, Marco Galletti, Paolo Garau, Emanuela Lena, Fabio Milani, Mattia Morelli, Hannu Palosuo, Flavio Tiberio Petricca, Vincenzo Scolamiero, Leonardo Spina.


Artists not present in this edition