Satire cartoons, glimpse of real life and dreamlike representation

Between satirical and non-satirical cartoons, the project I AND MY DOG was born, where Maria represents a glimpse of real life and dreamlike condition, strips, cartoons full of humor that characterizes the Neapolitan artist. Closely linked to personal experience, the cartoons (born during the pandemic period) narrate the adventures of an anxious person and his phobic dog who struggle to leave the apartment in which they lie all day, while life passes by. The owner suffers from the strong stress related to the pandemic period, she is holed up in the house, has difficulty in relating to the outside world and the dog seems to do the same, forgetting to be a dog, speaks, gives advice he is politically aligned and does not want to put your nose out of the door not even "to piss". Maybe it is all true or they are simply the projections of a person who feels lonely and lost. What Maria gives us back through her cartoons is a psychological investigation expressed through images, captions and storytelling.

Irony is a fundamental component in Maria's work, through which she wants us to reflect on human interaction, a tool to lightly exorcise the fears and anxieties of everyday life. Not surprisingly, Maria's artistic intent is inspired by the eudemonistic philosophy thanks to which she declares "art is for me a sort of therapy that allows me to vent my pain and implement the success of my inner demon ". The style is quick and instinctive, with a strong simplicity of the line, consistent with the temporariness and ephemeral nature of the message.


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