Everything makes Jazz - The colors of music

Juanni Wang art exhibition

Tutto fa Jazz

Tutto fa Jazz

Everything originated from sound and became substance
Juanni Wang

Jazz music and its visceral form of expression is the primordial musical genre
matrix of all modern musical genres. This is why it is difficult to describe in words
feelings that cannot be explained rationally. This music, it goes
only listened to and lived.
The encounter between music and painting has always been very fascinating, especially for
understand the connection.
Prove that there is a possibility of connecting these two channels
expressive between matter and sound has very deep roots.
Of his research, Juanni Wang says:
"It was as if the canvas came to life through shapes and colors in a spontaneous way,
exploiting the physical properties of matter stimulated by sound and light waves.
But beyond a properly artistic approach, this research between music and
image, sound and color has produced in me a more intuitive way to express
feelings and evoke emotions or memories ".
Assign a dominant color to each song, describing the music according to the
her own chromatic sensitivity in a direct and simple way, has allowed the painter to
create, beyond the canvases, completely unique objects. In his new works, past and present
they seem to meet again in the name of creativity, with a retro sprinkling in anticipation of
Music comes from the heart of the artists to arrive directly to that of the listeners:
why not use the colors of the music to define a genre or a song?
Art has the ability to collect within itself the emotionality and spirituality of those who make it
produces. The intent of the artist Juanni Wang is to show the meeting points
between painting and music; and the means to achieve it are two: color and shape.
A symphony of colors and a harmony of shapes

curated by Sabrina Destefano and Angelo Tuti