Salus Per Terram

Vernissage Thursday 27, 5 p.m. - 8 p.m.

"That I may be Earth, that I may be Heaven, that I may be Sea that I may be Mountain, that I may grow stretching and widening my body until I disperse into the infinite void" From the Dharmakāya

Promoters of the Collective are ceramicists Maria Flora Clementelli, Luisa Raggi and Maria Grazia Morsella united by friendship and a great passion for ceramic art. Their studio-laboratory also home to their Association I Love Ceramics is located in Monteverde Nuovo.
Salus Per Terram is a project born from the desire to share their artistic research born from their passion and interest in the transformative capacity of matter and the great expressive power of clay.

They exhibit:
Maria Flora Clementelli ceramist
Francesca Di Ciaula photographer
Maria Grazia Morsella ceramist
Eugenia Querci ceramist
Luisa Raggi ceramist