CENTOUNO RISVEGLI - 101 awakenings

A multi-sensory and interactive installation, two devices

101 awakenings

101 awakenings

It all starts with a dream. Or maybe from waking up.

There are two of us and we launch a challenge: to tell each other through vocals our dreams upon awakening for one hundred and one consecutive days.

This is the ground from which we start. For three months it's the first thing we do every morning ..

A year later, we listen to the recorded dreams following the harmony of chance, and the desire emerges to fathom them like the depths of the sea, following ancient echoes of mnemonic art (Cit. Giordano Bruno).

Actions, space, time, figures, rare scents and intertwined ways. The dream is no longer of the dreamer but is returned to a common material, whose plots can now be generated and regenerated with the gestures of those who pass through it.