"We ri-generate space to share and we inhabit it, producing a progressive and measured benefit in environment, welfare, economics and culture" (Gio montez)

Atelier Montez is a contemporary art factory born in 2012 from the regeneration of a urban wreck  in the historic outskirts of Pietralata in Rome, and realized on a project by the artist Gio Montez and by architect Francesco Perri.

The atelier presents, Be**part, - the greatest art collective ever - a project that aims to build an inclusive and resilient artistic community, with the aim of showing the world that art and culture will never stop.

Within the project of Be**part There are works by emerging artists from all over the world. In the frame of Be**part, Atelier Montez presents METTI A FOCUS, an exhibition of contemporary art, exhibiting the works masters' Rodolfo Riga (from 21.10.2022 to 27.10.2022) and Paolo Berti (from 28.10.2022 to 3.11.2022)