Down the mask

Exhibition of paintings, sculptures, ceramics - Creative and theatrical moment

"Down the mask"
Exhibitions of paintings, sculptures, ceramics, Creative Moment and Theatrical Performance.

The Associations Spazio d'Arte 2020 APS and Teatri di Luna ASD APS present in collaboration the event "Down the mask" to be held, on the occasion of RAW 2022, at the gallery located in Via Giuseppe Cerbara 44/46, 00147 Rome .

Exhibition of paintings, sculptures and ceramics by contemporary artists on various subjects. The event, on the theme of the mask, is divided into two different moments on separate days: a creative moment for the creation of a mask with clay and a theatrical performance.

The theme of the mask has always affected visual and pictorial art, literary and theatrical works, in the most diverse historical periods. The mask is a fascinating object, it appears in cultures welcoming different meanings and values, its presence gives voice and often embodies the invisible.

The mask is an enigma, its conceptual content is the unknown, the unknown, and the event opposite to it, but intimately connected, is the unveiling, the surprise, just like the work of art that through itself itself reveals the human soul.

The event aims to touch upon some salient aspects of this enigma.

Days and times:
24-29 October, 16.30 - 19.30 Exhibition in the gallery of paintings, sculptures and ceramics
24 October at 5.00 pm


- Elisabetta Bertulli
- Letizia Cavallo
- Anna De Angelis
- Bruno Gentile
- Isolina Mariotti
- Valerio Marra
- Anna Montagano
- Valentina Piraino
- Chiara Sessa

The Creative Moment
An open studio will be held on Wednesday 26 from 5.00 pm, coordinated by Anna Montagano, President of Spazio d’Arte 2020, with the creation of clay masks by the participants. Limited places, reservation is required. Cell. 3471807677

Presentation of the Creative Moment
Working with clay to create a mask, a process is created where emotional experiences, unconscious images that lead to the creation of a form that speaks for us in a unique way and only ours.

The Theatrical Performance
On Friday 28 October from 5.30 pm - Repeat performance 8.30 pm there will be a performance on the theme of masks by the actor-musical group of Teatri di Luna entitled "De persona" on a text by Daniela Saltari, with pieces by Shakespeare, Pirandello, Ginsberg , Kerouac. Reservation is recommended (3478925412).

Presentation of the Theatrical Performance:
Meeting with four characters and their masks (with Daniela Saltari, Roberto Piraino, Valentina Piraino, Massimo De Giorgio, Francesca Starace, Daniele Pulcini, Davide Inghilleri).