The Archetypes Game, act one

• Luisa Valeriani | The MAGICIAN • DuminDa | The INNOCENT • Ivo Cotani | The LOV



“The Archetypes Game” is the very first representation by the Collective Art Group “The Archetypists of Via Giulia”, inspired by Jung.

In the framework of the Rome Art Week, Luisa Valeriani, the MAGICIAN, Duminda, the INNOCENT and Ivo Cotani, the LOVER will coincide in the art studio and showroom of SPAZIO | DuminDa, located in via Giulia 187 a/b, in Rome.

Two are the exhibiting areas involved.

In the first one, Luisa Valeriani and DuminDa will be showcasing their artwork, a dialogue between pictorial and sculpting elements, profoundly desired and thought in order to combine the MAGICIAN’s Black and alchemical Gold with the INNOCENT’s ancestral and textured shapes, sculptures and wall jewels, tridimensional mural decorations, perfectly in tune with the mixed-media creations. The signs and symbols of the MAGICIAN, who, by definition lives “above her own imagination” perfectly melt in with the INNOCENT’s shapes and shadows, inspired by a not too far from Nirvana spiritual Universe.

Purposely more intimate, Ivo Cotani, staged in the next Wunderkammer, the LOVER’s storytelling, an installation/magic box/full immersion to appreciate, with a close-up, the Chakras and the

other artwork exhibited, maxi-canvasses, big surfaces, like music sheets, celebrating allegories and symbols, some intelligible, other quite subliminal. His colors and metaphors perfectly combine, creating an explosion of wondrous intensity.

Three strong identities, three Archetypes, three Artists in their diversity, unconsciously connected, but free to express, each one, their uniqueness.