Stefano Compagnucci's Open Studio

The conceptual objectivity of Stefano Compagnucci

A continuous and obsessive search for the unspeakable that crosses the soul of a place, a person, an object through an objective gaze.

The aesthetic and conceptual severity of the Becher couple and of the whole school of Dusserdolf are the basis of my artistic research, constant and free from aesthetic canons.

An intrinsic vision that explores and deepens the iconographic language that exploits visual surrealism, giving the observer a note of uncertainty and the search for being.

I explore worlds of the image, almost always putting aside the photographic gesture, as in the series of my works "La casa degli angeli" made entirely by "borrowing" the subjects, previously photographed, amateurs and unaware of being part of an artistic process and conceptual; plastic images, movements limited to the essentials, simple shapes, scenes set in interiors saturated with elementary colors. Geometric shapes are conceived as space, infinity and the universe only with the help of paper and scissors. I find the same concept of infinity and universe in the spirituality of the works "Bomborì a bassa frequenza", uncompromising and shamelessly objective images of people who unconsciously represent a dark presence in being. Only needle and thread and all the symbols connected to them.

The needle and thread also represent the subjectivity in the objectivity of my works

“Fabbrica Costruttivista” eternally illusive and unreal, since no place that is the protagonist of the images really exists. A very specific image embedded in my mind. Rigidly frontal and naked for the observer, through the use of large formats, and the use of digital re-elaboration, the subjects are surrounded and immersed in strong colors and symbols, the thread passes from one side to the other, the needle it creates cracks that do not break but harmonize.

A look that explores the boundary between subjectivity, objectivity and spirituality.