Daniela Carreras - Idem

performance curated by Roberto Cavallini and Barbara Lalle


performance by and with Daniela Carreras

curated by Barbara Lalle and Roberto Cavallini 2022


Idem: the confrontation with self, the confrontation with the other (whitin self)

Roberto Cavallini and Barbara Lalle

It is in the relationship with the other, that one knows oneself, but it is, at the same time, in the solitary confrontation with oneself, with one's own image, in the silence of thought that one is able to excavate the relationship with the other, identifying the elements of reciprocity, of overlap, of identity; so Carreras' Idem is an intense and torn performance, it is a multiple relationship of self, with the other evoked during the ritual of self-care, during the ritual of combing a hairdo, the result of the interminable passing of time. A time in which layers of memories end up making their own skein inextricable, but that digging into one's unconscious, like the patient act of combing one's hair, will lead to self-recognition as the concluding act of one's integrity.

"It was the last day of the unseason-the last. Beyond the spoken and unspoken words were two staring gazes, at each other, desperately searching for a boundary to cling to."

There was a man and a woman.

The abysmal differences in their personalities were determined by the fact that he, while believing in madness, lived in his present by taking refuge in the image of her. The woman had given him two wings and a magical helmet with which to estrange himself from everything and connect only to her.

She was his revenge and he was her boundary. She was his form, he her content. He guided her, she followed him to a point where the paths of destiny bordered the Universe.

In an inextricable path between conflicting and contradictory memories, between judgments and dreamlike evaluations in which the prevalence of the irrational expands like fluid matter that at times soothes the pain of wounds and at times burns on the lacerated flesh of the soul, Daniela Carreras scrutinizes herself in the mirror, questioning herself and establishing a silent dialogue that continues uninterrupted, as uninterrupted is the act of combing her hair.

The recomposition of her own image, like the recomposition of her own essence will be realized when she hears, within herself, the voice of him answering all the questions she had asked herself: Ditto.