Collective exhibition of 11 photographers selected for the Travel Tales Award

Photographic Exhibition TRAVEL TALES II

Photographic Exhibition TRAVEL TALES II

TRAVEL TALES II is a collective photographic exhibition, exhibition curated by Simona Ottolenghi, with the 11 authors selected from the nearly 200 who participated in the secon edition of the TRAVEL TALES AWARD, an extended initiative for the promotion of authorial projects related to Travel Photography, organized by Starring, with and Isp , in collaboration with the magazine Il Fotografo and the technical and operational support of ViaggioFotografico.itOTTO Rooms and the OTTO Gallery.

Visiting the exhibition at the OTTO Gallery will turn into a sort of virtual journey between the various continents and the various realities encountered by our authors.

From China to Morocco, from Russia to Romania, from Cuba to Argentina, to United States, to Iraqi Kurdistan ... immersed in a dream made of emotions through culture, traditions, on the road routes, immortalized in the beautiful shots of the photographers.

Below are the names of the 11 authors in alphabetical order:

Alessandro Castiglioni, Alessandro Malaguti, Claudio Varaldi, Lia Dondini Taddei, Luca Maiorano, Marco Parenti, Maurizio Trifilidis, Roberto Malagoli, Stefano Bianchi, Usama Khan, Younes Mohammad.

Credits Monica Antonietti


Artists not present in this edition


Curators not present in this edition