The Flowery Room


"Beyond ... appearances" (Michela Tomiselli)

Vernissage of the exhibition "La stanza Fiorita", meeting with the 
artists, readings in the Winter Garden of the Caterina Volpicelli
Institute. Enamels on Plexiglas "Despite ... the lockdown" by Luigia d'Alfonso.
Reconstruction of the artist's studio, an intimate and secret world,
made up of real landscapes invented in the phase of isolation,
as well as new plant species resulting from a renewed creative energy. Site specific work by Ada Perla inspired by Emily Dickinson "I live in
Possibility". A garden that borders the walls and windows of the room.
It explodes inside out. Plant installation "Tangle of Flowers" by Maria Magdalena Wosik and
Manuela Lopez. A field of golden wheat that reveals here and there a
flower garden that in its sinuous movement creates a landscape within
the environment of the winter garden, harmoniously dialoguing with the
light, the spaces and the other works on display. The "gestural" photography of Michela Tomiselli with "Oltre... le
appearenze" intensely recounts another landscape which, thanks to light
and movement, the artist makes a poetic narration of it.


Artists not present in this edition