Hunica #2

Alicia Maso, Alex Caminiti, Robin Clerici, Primarosa Cesarini, Francesca Tulli

In this second occasion the design of the "home base" the juxtaposition of the works in the various environments is not random but renews the game of the gaze of those who live the environment.

In the "meeting room" the abstract atmospheres of Alicia Maso born from her researches on nature that evoke intimate landscapes related to everyday life to being an inhabitant in his real world but often remembered by the oneiric, discovering fascinating and surprising worlds. In the "Living" area, Robin Clerici's unreal but aware human presences generate a relationship between art and life, a regeneration of the human cycles that form our history and our actuality. His ethereal visions where the strong light breaks down reality making it almost unreal making us discover the invariability of time. In the "night" area the artist Primarosa Cesarini Sforza stages the contradiction of the imaginary, encouraging the memory of a visual world in which the stories of humanity chase each other. Short stories of domestic life, of human life in the passage of time. They act as a glue in the various environments bronze sculptures by Francesca Tulli that with their displacement of the material elements form an essence very clear for integrity and balance of composition. Through a composition wisely arranged in the environmental space they help us to review our notion of space.