Heaven and its representations

5pm. opening; 6pm lecture by Guidotto Colleoni; 7pm Book/Catalogue introduction

At the end of a year of work, with all the interruptions due to the pandemic, we present the book - catalog of the project Heaven and its representations.

5 p.m. Opening of the Campo Boario Studio

5.30 p.mGiulia Bertotto, lecture

6 p.m. Lecture by Guidotto Colleoni

7 p.m. Readings by Domenico AdrianoDavide Cortese, Raffaela Fazio, Marco Giovenale, Rita Iacomino, Gabriella Pace - Presentation of the book/catalogue curated by Silvia Stucky

 Jacopo Benci will present the film Una giornata lunga senza io (2004)

Participants and titles of the interventions:
Ada De Pirro; Who is driven out of Paradise?
Alberto D'Amico; Barbie and Ken in the Earthly Paradise
Andrea Sabatello; Photographic Image
Anna Onesti; The alphabet of seeds
Bruno Di Marino; Artificial Paradises
Bruno Lo Turco; Transient Paradises. The elusive skies of the Buddha
Carmelo Baglivo; The Garden of Eden: the utopia of living without sin
David Sabatello; Paradise Room
Domenico Adriano; Paradise is not what we find / in a place / but what we bring there.
Fabio Lapiana; Grand hotel Paradiso
Fiammetta Cirilli; Landscape is that "fragments in prose"
Gianni Garrera; Eternal game - Jerusalem mute and deaf
Giovanna Floris; Canto del Paradiso (reading)
Giulia Bertotto; Memories from Paradise
Giuseppe Garrera; Dante's Paradise (lecture)
Guidotto Colleoni; "Nel suo profondo vidi che s'interna,/legato con amore in un volume,/ ciò che per l'universo si squaterna" from Dante's Paradiso: a reading
Gabriella Pace, Pierluigi Isola; Paradise/garden
Ilaria Restivo; I'mage, treesome
Jacopo Benci; Far and bright
Julie Poulain; Un petit bout de parapluie contre un coin de paradis
Lorenzo Cafiero; The song of the Paradise from Goethe
Letizia Papini; "Paradise is preserved in a museum." C. Monet's Giverny garden and the birth of the Orangerie museum.
Lucia Nazzaro; Eden Mediterranean
Marco Ariano; HERE - paradisiacal topographies of immanence
Marco Giovenale; RECI(N)TED GARDEN
Massimo Arduini; The Earthly Paradise
Niccolò Daviddi; Ancient Paradises and Invisible Cities
Paolo Albani; Did Adam speak Swedish?
Raffaela Fazio; Eschatology in the funerary sculpture of the early Christians
Roberto Tarallo; Tax havens: Eden of the bad guys?
Silvia Stucky; Paradises without I
Stefania Fabrizi; And therefore we went out to see the stars again
Tino Franco; I have already been in Paradise

In the afternoon Guidotto Colleoni will hold a conference on the theme proposed by him.



Artists not present in this edition