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Collective exhibition of three Hellenic women artists.


Tύχη - destiny, εὐμορφία - beauty, γυνή - woman. These are the archetypes of "Profondo Greco", the new collective exhibition of Mons Art Stage which begins the new 2021-22 season of the polytechnic art gallery in Via di San Pantaleo 59 in Rome.
Profondo Greco will open the creative cosmos of three Hellenic artists to the Eternal City: Georgia Tseri, Aliki Rigou, Daphne Petrohilos whose common destinies have their ideal territory on the island of Kythera (Kythera). Kythera, the island of Aphrodite, therefore a postulate of beauty, where classic reverberations and memories of the far east blow towards Europe, building that concept of Perennial Art and morphological balance that these three creators perfectly represent among synomorphic glyphs, two-tone abstractions and howls at the wind that recall the Bronte sisters and Fellini.
Profondo Greco is a canticle, a yearning for woman and for her being universal, interconnected to the stars: it is an invocation to the sign that aspires to perfection, to the work of art as proof of the existence of God.


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