Rome seen by aliens

Who are the aliens, what is their view on the world?

 Rome seen by aliens

Rome seen by aliens

Who are the aliens?

From the etymology:
"Those who belong to others,
that are not ours,
averse to one thing, that is, inclined to another "

And who are "ours"? Ours are those like us and consequently it is they who in practice establish the rules of normality.
The etymology of the word normal can be traced back to the Latin norma, a noun that indicates the square (also called the rule), the useful tool for measuring right angles. From the Greek gnòr'ma or gnòrima = "thing to make known".

It can therefore be deduced that the idea of ​​normality recalls that of rectitude, exactness, regularity and at the same time is the instrument for knowing reality.

Communities of the living establish their normality. The rules with which to interpret reality.
They establish in a certain sense ... the point of view that is dictated by our physicality, by the physicality of our environment, but also by our experience, by our judgments and prejudices, by political opportunities, by religious and ethical choices, by personal conditions .

Now ... if an alien comes.
Or ... if there was an alien, one ... "inclined to something else"
with another perceptual system
with other cultural references
with other dimensions
with other priorities
with other sensitivity
with other goals
otherwise high
otherwise seeing
otherwise hearing

This alien ...
Would he see what we would see?

Patrizia Genovesi's photographs and videos, Pipistro's poems and drawings tell of a point of view, a fragment of “Rome”… seen by aliens.
Rome is Rome, but Rome is humanity, our little planet scattered in the ocean of the cosmos.

The exhibition belongs to SLOW ART, it must be seen, listened to, inhabited calmly, but always at your own pace, whether you are alien or "normal".