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HANAUJŌ. The flowers od compassion

Presentation of the book by the prestigious Zen teacher and nun Aoyama Shundo

 HANAUJŌ . The flowers of compassion

HANAUJŌ . The flowers of compassion

"Surrounded by flowers that have shown metheir infinite aspects 
in the morning, in the evening and throughout the four seasons,
playing and growing in constantdialogue with them, I enjoy even today
the happiness of being able to live among the flowers".

Guglielmo Doryu Cappelli and Annamaria Gyoetsu Epifanìa of the
Anshin Zen Center - Peace of the Heart - in Rome will present
the volume, translated into Italian by the publisher Casadei,
on the "Way of the Flowers" by the Teacher Aoyama Shundo.

SHUNDO AOYAMA. She was born in 1933 in Ichimiya in Aichi prefecture.
At the age of five, she enters the Muryōji temple of the Sōtō school
which is located in Shiojiri in Nagano prefecture. At fifteen she was
ordained a nun and entered Aichi Senmon Nisōdō. After earning her PhD
from Komazawa University, she becomes head of Aichi Senmon Nisōdō,
Shōbōji temple and Muryōji temple. She is the author of numerous
writings and speaker at conferences and symposiums. In particular,
by teaching the Way of Tea (sadō) and the Way of Flowers (kadō),
you contribute to the dissemination of Zen concepts that are also
understandable to the general public. She has a wide and intense
activity also outside Japan, participating in the activities
of Mother Teresa of Calcutta in India and carrying out monastic
life in Catholic monasteries in her visits to Europe.
Her works are translated into various languages, attracting a wide echo
both in Europe and in the United States.