The child who dreamed of infinity

Paper Tales by Elisabetta Pagnani with Viola Valletta on the Cello

"The child who dreamed of infinity", Gart and Galleria Canova 22

"... the landscape around them was certainly vast, and it must also be 
very beautiful. You could tell from the flight and the colors of the
birds; that land must have been beautiful if it had forced them to
dress in such elegant clothes to inhabit it". But to see it all,
without limits, it was necessary to eliminate any barrier created
by plants and high hedges. Climbing trees was not enough. Curiosity is part of growth and only those who are not satisfied with
seeing what is within an inch of their nose, only those who go beyond
the treetops to find out what the birds see from up there, can cross
all the hedges and leave. much higher than all the trees ... Look close, look far. In the first case we can distinguish the details,
the smallest details, the subtle veins of reality; in the second case
it is possible to contemplate things "from afar", seeing them in their
entirety, placing them in relation to the whole, beyond the limits of
the usual horizon. In a certain sense, looking into the distance can

become the condition for seeing better near. Of this particular gaze
narrates "The child who dreamed of infinity" by Jean Giono (author of
"The man who planted trees") a simple fairy tale for children in
appearance, but more profoundly a story that frees the mind by going
beyond. A story about nature, about the curiosity to know and deepen,
about the freedom to desire and discover. A narration made at the tip of a voice to leave room for imagination
and allow you to fly over the trees together with the child to discover
a boundless space: "The greatest surprise of the child was in realizing
that the sight reached so far. He understood now what he meant when he
said it - as far as the eye could see -: it was very far away. So far
that maybe it didn't even exist". "The child who dreamed of the Infinite" loosely based on Jean Jono is
a chosen, interpreted and narrated fairy tale. Open book story that
tells the deep and spontaneous bond of children with Nature. Of dream
and amazement. Dedicated to the beauty of the natural elements, the
wind, the sun, the rain, their dialogue with man, the living beings
that inhabit and nourish the Earth.