Photographs, paintings on Plexiglas, floral installation, site specific work

"Beyond... the appearances" (Michela Tomiselli)

"How could I take myself upwards if not moving from below, from what 
is Earth inside me? I cannot talk about nature without speaking,
at the same time, about myself. The encounter with nature always leads
me back to me, to what I still don't know and what, knowing,
I don't live to the end. Plants have their own way of making
themselves present to our spirit. Their touch is sometimes barely
perceptible, sometimes decisive, sometimes poignant. Light as a nod
or loud as a cry, not always immediately perceived, most of the time
unheard or neglected, remains in us. It can remain dormant there
for years, until, if proper conditions are given, it resurfaces". (A. Bonavia Giorgetti, Contemplative openings on bamboo). And it is this voice, raised strongly in a rare era, that welcomes
itself through the windows of one's home, into the intimate room
of creation, where creative processes flourish and turn into art.
They “organic”, intertwining the streets like the roots of a large tree.
We are called to listen to this constant movement in silence. “The flower room” is not a place closed to the outside world,
neither decorated nor embellished; it is a space of connection,
of dialogue, of encounter, in which contemporary art is celebrated
as a privileged way of feeling and perceiving the invisible.
This research unites us to every place and every time, it makes us
go back to the roots, it makes us all feel one thing with everything. “Heaven, earth and I were born at the same time; all beings and I are
the same "(Cioanze - 300 BC) Let's think of chlorophyll photosynthesis. What can be on the human
level the analogous faculty of gathering the Light to make Life live?
The leaves rotate towards the light, even their chloroplasts move
inside the cell. Are our organs rigid or able to vary the position?
The elements that the leaf transforms with the energy it receives from
the sun are water and carbon dioxide. What do we have to transform?
What do we do with what we acquire? Do we hide it, accumulate it or
make it available?
"The flower room" was born from the design idea of ​​Dap - Luigia 
d'Alfonso and Ada Perla - and offers an immersive experience inside
the Winter Garden of the Volpicelli Institute, where the history of
the place and its spiritual vocation and didactics meet with the
contemporary vision of five artists. The deep relationship between
outside and inside emerges, the passion for nature: strength and
lightness, beauty and ephemeral that the flowers symbolically represent.
The flower is the raw material in the "Tangle of Flowers" installation
by floral designers Manuela Lopez and Maria Magdalena Wosik; it becomes
light and movement in “Oltre… le appearenze”, shots by the photographer
Michela Tomiselli,symbiosis sculpted and painted through its c
haracteristic "gestural photography"; there is an explosion of colors,
lifeblood in the Plexiglas works by Luigia d’Alfonso, stems and petals
like intricate woods where you can sink to generate light. The "site
specific" work by Ada Perla, "I live in the Possibility" is a tribute
to Emily Dickinson, to the relationship with the universe from the
intimacy of the space we inhabit: living your own art. And the intimate
empathic relationship that the artist experiences with the garden is
essential. The work is designed to be installed in the center of the
window overlooking the exhibition.


Artists not present in this edition