Andrea Felice 's Open Studio

The Gate of Satan - 2021 - Mixem media dim 80 x 165 cm

The Gate of Satan - 2021 - Mixem media dim 80 x 165 cm

The Art Happening at Andrea Felice Art & Design Studio starts on October 26rd 2021, from 5.30pm to 9.00pm.

Andrea Felice Art & Design, the artist's studio, is located in the Cacciarella park (Parco La Cacciarella), on the first floor of the building the hunting lodge of Torlonia in the left side of the main entrance; Il Pensatoio Studio, is a creative place where images, videos, photos, books, prints are the sources for the creation of the works of Andrea Felice artist. The performance provides a description of the artistic path and at the same time, the development of the technique used to make the works. For the originality of the technique, the artist Andrea Felice, in 2012 in Milan, was awarded the Art Critics Prize at the XXIV edition of the Premio delle Arti Premio della Cultura and in 2019 in Florence, Painter's Award at Premium International Florence Seven Stars,

Inside the Art Happening, the entire design and realization path of the artist will be described and illustrated concretely through the creation of a work in progress; from the sketch to the layout, from printing on plotters to acrylic painting by brush and with airbrush, from cropping to collage, to scanning and to the finished painting. At the end of the artistic performance there will be a short debate with questions and curiosity, and in 2021 second prize winner at the Open Art 2021 collective.

During the performance of the artist Andrea Felice, a video will be produced by Silvia Campoli Photo to commemorate the event.