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Collective exhibition

The globalised world has produced new labyrinths.

30 artists present their Point of View. Exhibiting: Giuseppe Capogrossi, Achille Pace, Achille Perilli, Giorgio Ortona, Gianmaria De Luca, Carlo Cecchi, Federica Zianni, Juri Lorenzetti, Eliseo Sonnino, Sandro Sanna, Silvia Valeri, Tancredi Fornasetti, Vincenzo Scolamiero, Marbel, Ak2Deru, Franco Ciuti, Luigi Athos De Blasio, Gregorio Samsa, Salvatore Macrì, Paolo Garau, Alessandro Costa, Alessia Nar, Julianos Kattinis, Ivan Paduano, Antonio La Colla, Gianfranco Basso, Michelangelo Pietradura, Laura De Lorenzo, Dario Imbò E Fabio Milani.