The home of change and persistence

Presentation of Giulio Ceraldi's book by Jonathan Giustini

Presentation of the book "La dimora dei mutazioni e delle persistenze" edited by Jonathan Giustini on the works of Giulio Ceraldi.

At the gallery Incinque Open Art Monti, will also be presented the exhibition of the works of the artist Giulio Ceraldi curated by Monica Cecchini.

The dwelling of changes and persistences also speaks of this. It addresses the things that pre-exist.

Giulio, monk or painter, is an intermediary between earth and sky.

Fascinated by men attentive to the essence of living. Men who again can not really say anything. But who have already asked themselves the questions.

They are 30 icons. Two large panels. That dividing makes sense and does not. It depends only on the viewer.

Because Giulio has detached himself from the ground in this immense work. And he has redrawn the geography of our lives. A new toponymy of life. In an icon you read clearly on the metal: bread of our production. It is an oven. The phrase of a child. The joke of a passerby. The fragment of a list of ingredients. The reassuring phrase of a food seller.

From "E' Tutto pane di nostra produzione" by Jonathan Giustini

Photo by Alberto Marchetti

Graphic design by Chiara Fenicia

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