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I Can’t Get Back Home. #2

Performance by Paola Romoli Venturi

Invitations: lucrecia.moron @  Whatsapp 3892047008



Non riesco a tornare a casa. (I can’t get back home.) performance by Paola Romoli Venturi
Performance is relationship. Reshaping one's 'actions' in this pandemic period creates new relationships. It's a new world. I will move within the library of the ART Exhibition Link gallery with a sequence of performances (in two meetings on Monday 26 and Saturday 31 October at 6.00 pm) through  2020 before C-19 projects and 2020 after C-19 projects. Including: WE, il Cappello del Momento!, Mantra Reading, MOLTI,MOLTA,MOLTE, DIARIO_dichecoloreè?
The 'actions' - without physical contact, hidden by the mask, conceptually reinterpreted in a new social and political scenario - inspire new reflections and unfold in an unprecedented way.
In the last months of August and September I was immersed in nature, in water. And immersed in the water of Bracciano Lake, I started redoing my performances. The water that the Romans brought to Rome. And that today arrives at the ‘fontanone del Gianicolo’ where the ‘Acqua Paola’ flows.

Paola Romoli Venturi